Put a Wrench in It

When it's time to separate from your parents on a more permanent basis - not simply separation anxiety when dropped off at preschool for the first time or moving into a dorm or moving away for college which is a big step, but when it is time to MOVE OUT and MOVE ON...I posit that... Continue Reading →

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As I was waiting for my dinner date friends to appear, I stood outside under the tree on a warm early-summer day and appreciated the warmth, the breeze, the anticipation of trying a new restaurant, meeting up with a friend and her sister in a girls-night-out, everything.  And as I was looking up into the... Continue Reading →

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Suck it up, Butter Cup

  You may know by now that I'm a food snob, a grocery snob, a book snob, a movie snob.  Wow...I sound so wonderful!  Ahem. Going to the movies is almost a weekly event for me...and I'm not talking about blockbusters (says the snob) necessarily...I mostly boycott sequels, special effects movies, and other things I classify... Continue Reading →

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Mom’s Home

There it was.  I was caught red-handed and couldn’t lie my way out. What was I doing?  Ummm. Something I swore I would never do.  But my co-worker walked in and saw me.  Carefully taking a napkin around the rim of a Tabasco bottle.  Cleaning the lid of the condiment. WHY?! I ask myself the same... Continue Reading →

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This Experiment Called Life

Everybody knows that our fingerprints are one of a kind.  There is no other person in this world with the exact same patterns, not even identical twins. Everything that we are, is one of a kind. What are you made of? I am my mother’s large hands and feet, long neck, and almond-shaped eyes.  I am... Continue Reading →

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