Suck it up, Butter Cup

  You may know by now that I'm a food snob, a grocery snob, a book snob, a movie snob.  Wow...I sound so wonderful!  Ahem. Going to the movies is almost a weekly event for me...and I'm not talking about blockbusters (says the snob) necessarily...I mostly boycott sequels, special effects movies, and other things I classify... Continue Reading →

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Travel Sleightly

Dentists tell me I have big teeth, the largest size that braces or molds or whatever come in. It's a source of pride for me. I also revel in being told I have good veins at the laboratory, but that's a Taul tale for another day. It's a good thing these teeth are big, because... Continue Reading →

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Fill Your Bucket List

Overheard at some retail store or another, a teenager was talking to her friend: “What’s on your bucket list this weekend?” Using the phrase ‘bucket list’ conjures up pictures of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as senior companions.  Not a pretty visual.  But a movie that probably spent more of its budget on talent than... Continue Reading →

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An Exercise in Futility

Unlike Miss Ever’s boys, who were injected with syphilis without their knowledge and studied to see the effects of unchecked disease, social experiments can be amusing in benign social scenarios.  It's amazing the effect you can have on others, verbal or not; consciously or not. For example, on a long, lonely stretch of highway, some drivers... Continue Reading →

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Potty Mouth

One of the nastiest things on this earth that we are forced to endure is…the public bathroom. Not just the obviously disgusting bathrooms at the park, sharing stalls with daddy long legs while cobwebs hang in dark corners as I wonder what crawls in every night through the permanently open vents, all the while sitting... Continue Reading →

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