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Dentists tell me I have big teeth, the largest size that braces or molds or whatever come in. It's a source of pride for me. I also revel in being told I have good veins at the laboratory, but that's a Taul tale for another day. It's a good thing these teeth are big, because... Continue Reading →

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Seeds Sown, Seed Own

Once the seeds of distrust are sown, they are inadvertently flung far and wide.  Take for example my landlord, who pushes boundaries and has felt so entitled as to say she was planning a party in the backyard (yes, the tenant's backyard) and that her live-in guest will come over and roam around the garden... Continue Reading →

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Is it possible that a poem can change your life in 5th grade?  I memorized The Road Not Taken because I had to recite it in class; but I also understood it, and consciously decided then and there that my own path would be the un-obvious one, the less routine, a la more interesting and... Continue Reading →

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Shelling Out

Friends and family know that I don’t watch the news or pay close attention to polls, debates or interviews of political parties hawking their interpretations of every event.  But not being fanatical about government politics is not the same as not being political.  I just realized that.  In that case, I'm very political!  Maybe that's... Continue Reading →

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Set You Free

Will it?  Set you free, I mean? That’s what they say.  The truth will set you free. We spend our childhood being taught that 'honesty is the best policy,' 'winners never quit, quitters never win' and 'cheaters never prosper'.  Did some kids get pulled aside for different talks?  Did today's leaders and your and my... Continue Reading →

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Gimme A Call

I’m old school. I am proud of the fact that, as a late-adopter, I fought off the urge to get a cell phone for years.  I finally succumbed, and don’t leave the house without it anymore, unless of course I’ve forgotten to charge it, and then I just take my charger with me.  I’m also... Continue Reading →

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