A Balancing Act

Sunday morning coffee. Check email, facebook, anthropologie.com website sales. Feed the cats, shuffle around in a robe for hours. In general, relax. Balance my checkbook. Take out all the receipts that have been making my wallet bulge since last Sunday morning, write them down, log onto my checking account, open my budget spreadsheet, and while... Continue Reading →

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Ya, Can Cook

Those that actually know me know that I love to eat out.  I mean L-O-V-E, like I would eat out every single meal of every single day if I could afford to, both financially and health-wise.   So, I think it might come as surprise to some folks that I have finally, after 56 years of... Continue Reading →

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In Jelly We Trust

While I tried to make sense of then-recent turns in our government elections, I sat down to breakfast at the local diner.  Served along with my usual scrambled eggs, bacon and home potatoes was an open jar of some homemade fruit jam for my gluten-free toast. As I opened the lid and used the built-in... Continue Reading →

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It’s What’s For Dinner?

“I am not a monster,” meaningfully spoken by Eric Stoltz as the son "Rocky",  in Mask. Nor am I a weirdo, with eating habits somewhere between American carnivoral worship and a hard-line towing vegetarian.  I am often wrongly classified as a food snob, having never bitten the head off a shrimp or eaten chitterlings (remember, I’m black... Continue Reading →

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The Face of the Future

Putting a mask on today before I left for work.  I would have thought about calling in sick since the air quality is unhealthy, but it's expected to stay the same unhealthy level for most of this week, so I figured I can't call in sick everyday.   I wish I could, but work probably has... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Telephone

If Alex Trebek said, "the 1:1", what would the correct question be? "What is the downfall of corporate communications?" Correct. While you may feel engaged by using 1:1s to meet with all your main contacts, and managers spend hours having weekly check-ins with each of those contacts, now that you feel informed....what about everybody else? ... Continue Reading →


"Stop, drop and roll" was drilled into our heads from commercials and catchy posters and is still used as a slogan today, in case you don't remember the ads from the '80s, about what to do if you or someone catches on fire. Today's training is supposed to prepare me for a different threat. I... Continue Reading →

Put a Wrench in It

When it's time to separate from your parents on a more permanent basis - not simply separation anxiety when dropped off at preschool for the first time or moving into a dorm or moving away for college which is a big step, but when it is time to MOVE OUT and MOVE ON...I posit that... Continue Reading →


As I was waiting for my dinner date friends to appear, I stood outside under the tree on a warm early-summer day and appreciated the warmth, the breeze, the anticipation of trying a new restaurant, meeting up with a friend and her sister in a girls-night-out, everything.  And as I was looking up into the... Continue Reading →

Suck it up, Butter Cup

  You may know by now that I'm a food snob, a grocery snob, a book snob, a movie snob.  Wow...I sound so wonderful!  Ahem. Going to the movies is almost a weekly event for me...and I'm not talking about blockbusters (says the snob) necessarily...I mostly boycott sequels, special effects movies, and other things I classify... Continue Reading →

Travel Sleightly

Dentists tell me I have big teeth, the largest size that braces or molds or whatever come in. It's a source of pride for me. I also revel in being told I have good veins at the laboratory, but that's a Taul tale for another day. It's a good thing these teeth are big, because... Continue Reading →

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