Is it possible that a poem can change your life in 5th grade?  I memorized The Road Not Taken because I had to recite it in class; but I also understood it, and consciously decided then and there that my own path would be the un-obvious one, the less routine, a la more interesting and... Continue Reading →

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Over or Under

I just had a conversation about someone feeling underpaid at $170,000.  A few years ago, I snapped at a friend who quipped "no one can live off of $120K."  Let's just be honest and admit that's bullshit. So this male friend and I agreed that if we don't take advantage of the current economic climate... Continue Reading →

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Makin’ Change

"The times, they are a'changin'," Bob Dylan said.  How right he was...is.  My parents were square, conventional, obtuse, conservative and boring.  They didn't believe in going to concerts, let alone pre-marital sex or 'the pill', living together or smoking pot as a 'harmless recreation'. So, I can imagine the children of the sixties child, the seventies girl,... Continue Reading →

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Rent. Lease. Repeat.

I used to call myself ‘the eternal pedestrian’ since I didn’t get a car until I was 23. Now I call myself ‘the chronic renter’ since I’ve never owned property and moved, on average, to a different place every 2 years, with the shortest stay at 2 months (in a converted garage mentioned before), and the longest topping... Continue Reading →

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