Root for the Rat

In sports as in life, I place my bets on the underdog, because the underdog needs encouragement.  If you’ve ever been part of a losing team, you know that the more a team internalizes their frustration, the more likely they will continue losing.  It’s common knowledge in sports that you can beat yourself. Outside of sports, where so... Continue Reading →

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Help is a Four Letter Word

Damn, shit, hell, crap, and fuck are words that can make us cringe, used inappropriately in the boardroom, or in front of kids.  When I think of four-letter words, I automatically think of cussing, but "help" is a four-letter word too. For such a tiny word – a word that can be uttered in a mousey, harmless squeak or... Continue Reading →

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One Can Have Enough

Always on the verge of dehydration and because I was sick and have been waking up dehydrated, I decided to start putting a water bottle near my bed.  And ever the OCD queen, I decided to give each one a turn, in essence to 'rotate the stock', so they would all be worn evenly (and... Continue Reading →

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