"Stop, drop and roll" was drilled into our heads from commercials and catchy posters and is still used as a slogan today, in case you don't remember the ads from the '80s, about what to do if you or someone catches on fire. Today's training is supposed to prepare me for a different threat. I... Continue Reading →

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Put a Wrench in It

When it's time to separate from your parents on a more permanent basis - not simply separation anxiety when dropped off at preschool for the first time or moving into a dorm or moving away for college which is a big step, but when it is time to MOVE OUT and MOVE ON...I posit that... Continue Reading →

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A Tale of Two Cities

The city is afraid of itself; it has neither the manpower nor the first inkling of how to change the bad reputation it has earned over years of mis-use, abuse and mistreatment; both from inside, like its former mayor who had relatives on the payroll and "worked from home" more than he went into the... Continue Reading →

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One Step

We all encounter homeless ‘types’. I remember my Great Aunt Frankie as one of only two homeless people in my hometown of Ashland, Ky., while growing up. (The other was her long-time boyfriend.) We would roll the window down and talk to her or wave when passing by; my dad would give her rides and... Continue Reading →

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