As I was waiting for my dinner date friends to appear, I stood outside under the tree on a warm early-summer day and appreciated the warmth, the breeze, the anticipation of trying a new restaurant, meeting up with a friend and her sister in a girls-night-out, everything.  And as I was looking up into the... Continue Reading →

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Suck it up, Butter Cup

  You may know by now that I'm a food snob, a grocery snob, a book snob, a movie snob.  Wow...I sound so wonderful!  Ahem. Going to the movies is almost a weekly event for me...and I'm not talking about blockbusters (says the snob) necessarily...I mostly boycott sequels, special effects movies, and other things I classify... Continue Reading →

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Travel Sleightly

Dentists tell me I have big teeth, the largest size that braces or molds or whatever come in. It's a source of pride for me. I also revel in being told I have good veins at the laboratory, but that's a Taul tale for another day. It's a good thing these teeth are big, because... Continue Reading →

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Danger Will Robinson

Watching special effects action movies feels more and more like a trip to the dentist.  It’s a familiar pain;  sometimes a necessary pain.  You know you are going to go anyway - hell, you are compelled to go - and can only hope and pray that you come out with just a cleaning and not a numb-mouthed root-canal filled afternoon. I’d apply... Continue Reading →

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I Plead Guilty, Your Honor

I have guilt about everything.  I have guilt when I’ve knowingly done something wrong like walk away with change for a $20, after paying with a $10.  I have guilt even when good things happen to me, as in leaving a job in which I was under-appreciated, undervalued, under-utilized and under-stimulated for new career frontiers,... Continue Reading →

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