The Face of the Future

Putting a mask on today before I left for work.  I would have thought about calling in sick since the air quality is unhealthy, but it's expected to stay the same unhealthy level for most of this week, so I figured I can't call in sick everyday.   I wish I could, but work probably has... Continue Reading →

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Let’s Play Telephone

If Alex Trebek said, "the 1:1", what would the correct question be? "What is the downfall of corporate communications?" Correct. While you may feel engaged by using 1:1s to meet with all your main contacts, and managers spend hours having weekly check-ins with each of those contacts, now that you feel informed....what about everybody else? ... Continue Reading →

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"Stop, drop and roll" was drilled into our heads from commercials and catchy posters and is still used as a slogan today, in case you don't remember the ads from the '80s, about what to do if you or someone catches on fire. Today's training is supposed to prepare me for a different threat. I... Continue Reading →

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Only a week ago, I took a scouting trip to North Carolina and while there were intersections with new cultures, new foods, new neighborhoods...the one I'm reflecting on happened during the plane ride back. Having been in the South, in the "country" (according to me), I was like, "hell yeah, California!" when I saw a... Continue Reading →

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The Weather, Man

In truth, I am the weather. I am the wind kicking up its heels in fury. I am a turbulent storm crashing waves against your shore. And like the snow falling softly Or a raindrop kisses the earth, I, too, can wet your lips. The erosion of rock is only water playing persistent. The earthquake... Continue Reading →

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