Seeds Sown, Seed Own

Once the seeds of distrust are sown, they are inadvertently flung far and wide.  Take for example my landlord, who pushes boundaries and has felt so entitled as to say she was planning a party in the backyard (yes, the tenant's backyard) and that her live-in guest will come over and roam around the garden... Continue Reading →


Is it possible that a poem can change your life in 5th grade?  I memorized The Road Not Taken because I had to recite it in class; but I also understood it, and consciously decided then and there that my own path would be the un-obvious one, the less routine, a la more interesting and... Continue Reading →

Over or Under

I just had a conversation about someone feeling underpaid at $170,000.  A few years ago, I snapped at a friend who quipped "no one can live off of $120K."  Let's just be honest and admit that's bullshit. So this male friend and I agreed that if we don't take advantage of the current economic climate... Continue Reading →

A Fine Line

I'm mad at you! I'm mad at me!  I'm mad that I too find myself self-censoring.  I'm sure you've noticed, like me, that lots of people just don't tell the truth anymore, and I'm not only talking about trump.  It's become more important to be agreeable than to be honest. Professionally, co-workers seem to acquiesce in... Continue Reading →


Only a week ago, I took a scouting trip to North Carolina and while there were intersections with new cultures, new foods, new neighborhoods...the one I'm reflecting on happened during the plane ride back. Having been in the South, in the "country" (according to me), I was like, "hell yeah, California!" when I saw a... Continue Reading →

The Pussy Posse

In this past week's Womens March 2018, I saw an ocean of pink pussy hats and even wore one on my t-shirt. I turned to my friend and said, "Why are they pink?  My pussy isn't pink. I think mine might be more on the beige side, since I'm black." My friend from El Salvador... Continue Reading →

Two Things I Gotta Do

Hopefully I'm learning and growing at every turn in life and this morning provides another take on that.  While agonizing that my weekly blog post is supposed to be done and published every Tuesday, I lament that it's not's not perfect.  Since just restarting this blog oh 5 weeks ago, and committing to a... Continue Reading →


Everybody does their end of year review an I generally hate catalogs of "the best of", "the worst of", "the top 10 movies, couples breakups, vacation spots, retweets" and on and on.  Now that I'm starting to read a few that grab my attention, specifically the ACLU year-end review in my email, I realized that... Continue Reading →

In the Bubble

Just this week, someone chock in the throes of moving and who has been waiting weeks for his furniture to arrive cross-country asked 'how can I stand moving so much'?  I quipped that I organize for a living, so details and planning just come naturally to me. Which is true. Having lived all over the... Continue Reading →

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