Two Things I Gotta Do

Hopefully I'm learning and growing at every turn in life and this morning provides another take on that.  While agonizing that my weekly blog post is supposed to be done and published every Tuesday, I lament that it's not's not perfect.  Since just restarting this blog oh 5 weeks ago, and committing to a... Continue Reading →

The Conundrum of Me

Routines, routines That's all life seems; I think I'll go pursue my dreams. The beginning of a poem I wrote in high school in the early 80's appropriately reflects how I still feel today. When I was younger, all I knew was that, when I grew up,  I didn't want to do the same thing... Continue Reading →

Camp Taul

Aaaah. Summer.  Now is the time kids start day-dreaming of sleeping in late, lazily channel surfing, and generally spending a couple of months of downtime swimming, biking, sleeping, and nowadays, surfing the Web and texting. Adrian groaned when I said, "Guess what?  It’s time for Camp Taul".  The kids hate my cheerleading, but then again,... Continue Reading →

Danger Will Robinson

Watching special effects action movies feels more and more like a trip to the dentist.  It’s a familiar pain;  sometimes a necessary pain.  You know you are going to go anyway - hell, you are compelled to go - and can only hope and pray that you come out with just a cleaning and not a numb-mouthed root-canal filled afternoon. I’d apply... Continue Reading →

I Love You, Frankenstein

Now that I consider myself an actual blogger, though I still feel a sense of modesty come over me when I say that, I think I qualify since I’ve posted once a week 'with fail' (shit and damn!) for almost one full year.  There are 389,000 bloggers registered on WordPress. Today.  I am only one. WordPress... Continue Reading →

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