A Tale of Two Cities

The city is afraid of itself; it has neither the manpower nor the first inkling of how to change the bad reputation it has earned over years of mis-use, abuse and mistreatment; both from inside, like its former mayor who had relatives on the payroll and "worked from home" more than he went into the... Continue Reading →

Danger Will Robinson

Watching special effects action movies feels more and more like a trip to the dentist.  It’s a familiar pain;  sometimes a necessary pain.  You know you are going to go anyway - hell, you are compelled to go - and can only hope and pray that you come out with just a cleaning and not a numb-mouthed root-canal filled afternoon. I’d apply... Continue Reading →

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

I traveled this weekend, 866 miles round trip to be exact, from Novato to Anaheim and back, for a one-day birthday extravaganza at Disneyland. In the relative silence where my kids were entertaining each other and the radio lost its signal about an hour out of town, I thought a lot.  It was just me and the open... Continue Reading →

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