One Can Have Enough

rain drops

Always on the verge of dehydration and because I was sick and have been waking up dehydrated, I decided to start putting a water bottle near my bed.  And ever the OCD queen, I decided to give each one a turn, in essence to ‘rotate the stock’, so they would all be worn evenly (and no one would be jealous of the other – yes…I do know they’re inanimate, but still).  I’m the girl who cut a pair of panties into little squares one day to punish them, since they had punished me ALL DAY.

The cabinet is one in which I rarely go.  It’s over the stove, high against the wall and has only water bottles, a grater and a ne’er used creamer whose mate was broken long ago and never mind cause there’s always ants anyway.

And I counted the water bottles heretofore languishing within.  19. Nineteen. Nineteen water bottles which are 7 more than the 12 Days of Christmas.

I never use water bottles…okay, rarely use water bottles….but about the same time, I gave my 2 week notice at work. On my last day, the manager gives me a thank you…you guessed it!  A water bottle.  This cat bottletime, a water bottle with cats.   I have to admit it’s adorable and also complain that because you know I like cats…doesn’t mean everything I own should have a cat on it! (Sorry Deborah, now I understand your lack of excitement over the doggie t-shirt present many years ago. Still, I hope you wore it! Also, no offense to another friend who just gave me a whimsical queen cat for my birthday…I really do love it! It’s framed in gold and hanging up!)

But now I have 20 water bottles.  I don’t need 20 water bottles. By the way, I’m also counting to-go coffee mugs in this category, so maybe this might be better titled to-go cups, but that’s less catchy. Maybe.

But while I’m at it, here are some 20’s I could use:  20 dollars, 20 weeks of vacation, 20 movie tickets, 20 gallons of gas, 20 cats (ha ha…NO!), 20 acres (and a mule), 20 dates with a 20-something, 20 pounds less…

Oh, look…I started a new job and you guessed it…I was welcomed with a new water bottle.

But at least it’s not a throw, right?

*This was written back in February 2019 before that newest job and latest water bottle drained the creativity out of me.  Its now in the trash. The bottle too.


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  1. Guurrlll…I have a whole drawer that’s getting harder and harder to close, due to an overabundance of water bottles and thermos cups. I recently received a gift from my employer to say “thanks” to development staff for our best fundraising year ever. What do you suppose it was?


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