Everybody does their end of year review an I generally hate catalogs of “the best of”, “the worst of”, “the top 10 movies, couples breakups, vacation spots, retweets” and on and on.  Now that I’m starting to read a few that grab my attention, specifically the ACLU year-end review in my email, I realized that I too wanted to say WHAT A YEAR! (W-A-Y)

What a year of political stress – fighting, donating, marching, arguing, sadness and disbelief this has been.

Like a reversible blanket, flip over the 2017 coin and I realize it’s also been a year of determination, camaraderie, bonding, activism and enlightenment.

I personally have gone from slacktivism or simply filling in my contact info on many many many many many many many many many many many many many many any and all petitions to donating money to multiple organizations that ARE making a difference to participating in the historical Womens March, to calling and texting my congress people and other government representatives on a frequent basis to working on the call bank for the recent Virginia elections.

I don’t think many of us anticipated the need to be so involved, but then here we are. Fighting for each other.  Only 25% of the way through this president’s racist and corrupt cronyism…like the adage that eventually bears true…the only way out, is through.

FrostOne of my old high school classmates on facebook friended me after I had previously de-friended her for so much godtalk and bible quotes, but then commented that she misses reading about individual lives through personal updates. So do I.  But I responded back that I also can’t ignore what’s going on, the people who are affected and being hurt, even if it’s not me personally (yet) and I have to be a more active voice now (albeit a tired and weary one already).  I…we…can’t afford to be worn down.  Can’t afford to give up.  Can’t afford to be silent. I think she unfriended me.

Here’s my new year’s wish for all of us.

May the coming year be better than the last.

Let’s make it so.

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