I Birthed a Republican, or Two

No matter how hard I’ve tried to represent the liberal side of things, my kids are the most strait-laced anti-drug anti-drinking abstinence-preaching people in the world.  And they’re not athletic.  Where did these people come from?!

Unknowingly, I gave birth to two Republicans, much to my current chagrin.

Now that my girls are 15, I find myself trying to convince them that pot is not as bad as they think. Just today on the way to a movie, we started talking about a friend of theirs that laughed about being high while walking on the railroad tracks and, in my kids words, “lucky she wasn’t hit by a train.”  Now I know this is (mostly) government propaganda and that someone who is high isn’t so ‘out of it’ that they wouldn’t know to move!  So, I started a pro-marijuana conversation.  I mean…what are they teaching my kids in school these days?!

I said that I voted for legalizing pot, and that the worst thing you do on pot is…nothing. Maybe pot should be called the laziness drug.  You don’t kill people on pot; you don’t steal to feed your habit. You might overeat yourself to death; so yeah, I guess there’s a real threat there. (snicker)

We argued whether it’s addictive (their brainwashed stance) or not (well…not physically addictive, just psychologically addictive), but it’s hard trying to explain the subtleties of addiction with people who’ve never experienced any.

We argued whether it has damaging, lasting effects.  They said it causes depression.  I am almost at the point where I say, hell.  Let’s fire one up.

Ok. Not really.

Earlier in the week, our dinner conversation revolved around their report that half of the school is having sex.  Yep.  I am not surprised and I told them, “Sex is not a bad thing.  Just don’t do it with everybody”.  Adrian was embarrassed and turned a deaf ear to me by trying to withdraw from the conversation and focus on drawing.

So, now I’m advocating sex and drugs. What’s left?  Rock and roll?

I know there are a few vices that I never extol the virtues of – alcohol for one.  Though I admit that it’s okay to have drinks in moderation…being completely anti-anything can’t be good, right?

Now add to all that, one of my daughters is interested in taking fencing.

Right wing. Left wing. Little wing, come back.

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  1. how to comment on this…..having a teen myself, I have had the same conversation with him. the one thing i have told him that everything has its place and time to try things out and not to rush into anything. but i guess living in the city (SF) he sees a lot more than i care for but in a way its good, so he can see the good, the bad and the ugly in life.

    the other night we watch “The Union” a documentary on Pot and it was educational and entertaining at the same time. its on Netflix if you want to expand their mind (he he) and yours.

    Love reading your blog.



    1. Thanks, Isis, for commenting. I, too, don’t want my kids to be too naive and at the same time, want them to understand some things are worse than others. It’s not that black and white…there’s a whole lotta gray in the middle. Pot isn’t in the same category as meth.

      Part of the reason I chose for us to live in the Bay Area was to counter my upbringing in the country, where we knew and trusted everybody. You can’t believe that everybody is upstanding in the ‘big city’. They’re not.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out.


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