Gimme Some Sugar

No, not that kind of sugar.
Sugar for my coffee.

In keeping with a baby-steps approach to eating healthier, I first decided to stop using bleached flour and substitute with whole wheat flour.  Yes, my fried chicken and pork chops are a tad different, but not enough to make me think something’s wrong.

That’s why I do baby steps.  Trying to switch from classic Frosted Flakes to Kashi tree bark in a box risks a mutinous uprising from ‘the people’.  And it’s no good if I eat granola all day, only to find solace in late night snacking.  Food should be good and taste good.  I know I can get ‘used’ to change.  Eventually.  Through many hours of deprivation.  But still.  Making big changes abruptly – not advised.

The next obvious rung of the let’s get healthier ladder, is a small yet powerful substance.  Sugar.  No more bleached sugar!  So I went to Target and found only Sugar in the Raw as an alternative, even though sugar substitutes abound like colors of a sugar-free rainbow:  yellow for Splenda; pink for saccharined Sweet n’Low which I’ve avoided for years; green and white for Truvia, which sounds more like ‘the pill’ than a food item, and others. 

But I don’t want sugar substitutes.  I want healthier sugar.  (Is that an oxymoron?) 

My hunt took me to Whole Foods (or Whole Dollars as my previous blog accused).

I started singing like angels on high, for I had uncovered the mother lode of sugars.

Apparently when I say sugar now, I might mean gimme some unbleached, unrefined, uncleaned by dead animal bones charring, harvested by workers receiving fair trade payment for their pesticide free locally grown organic turbinado or cane sugar hand selected by Whole Foods buyers.  I finally settled on vegan cane sugar juice.  Yep, vegan sugar!  I know you’re thinking that sugar is already vegan…so did I.

Gimme some sucanat!
I bet it would be easier (and a whole lot more fun) to just give me a kiss.

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