Ding Dong, the Wicked… is Dead

Osama Bin Laden is dead!  Osama Bin Laden is dead!  Already ‘old’ news, Osama Bin Laden, the elusive, outmaneuvered us for years.  But as soon as he was killed, we magically became the victors in a grueling game of hide and seek. 

For the first time, I was disappointed in responses that I saw from my Facebook friends connections; I was repulsed by some reactions, incensed by others; and refused to read any updates or comments on facebook for the rest of the day.

A few who had dared to dissent with the self-righteous nationalist sentiment going round posting”America is great” (even though it took us 9 years, 1,000 U.S. soldiers’ lives and $780 billion dollars)!  were verbally attacked.  “Game over!” as if we just won the World Cup, a few paltry hours of entertainment come to an end.

I didn’t want to offend anybody, but I didn’t want to be offended either, taking the coward’s way out and didn’t post my opinion at all, then logged back on to simply put “I will celebrate no one’s death; but bemoan the reason we disagreed.”  I was mad at myself too, for not standing strong in my convictions, come hell or high water.

Then it occurred to me that the very folks who were extolling the virtues of government sanctioned murder…oh, wait.  Not any government sanctioned murder, but only our United States government sanctioned murders are the same people who post about the goodness of god…oh, wait.  Not any god, but only the Christian god that the ‘moral majority’ supports.  The same ones who ask for prayers that their cars get fixed (because that’s worth prayer) or that a house closing goes in their favor. 

That seems backwards to me.  Religious people should be lamenting the death of another human being, not cheering it on!  Not wanting pictures for bloodlusting proof of Osama Bin Laden’s death!  I, a self-professed heathen, possess more compassion, sorrow and regret?!  Or are religious compassion, sorrow, and regret selective emotions?

How is the U.S. reaction at one man’s death so different from the sentiments of jihad being waged against the western world? (Read again.  Not the actions, but the sentiments.)  They ‘believe’ they are cleansing the world of evil.  When many Americans read or heard the news, did you not have the same thought that “we just cleansed the world of an evil man’.  You did.  Yes, You did! 

Am I an anarchist, an anti-religious zealot, a muslim, a __________(fill in the blank with your own choice words)?

I’m not. To be honest, I claim no religion.  I have no specific fight.   I am simply a human being that respects the rights of other human beings to worship who and how they want, so long as they don’t hurt others. 

But Osama Bin Laden hurt us Americans deeply, masterminding an event that took 3000 lives and showed us just how vulnerable we are.  We lost our innocence on 9/11, and I felt sick just like most of you.  And now we’ve hurt “them” back since 2002, with a war that has taken over 19,000 combined lives, by one account, looking for one man…  If this is ‘winning’, what is losing?

What a world!  What a world!

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